Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Mission of Mercy For Pain Free Laura

Our Dental Nurse Laura, known for her unusual giving to those worse off, has just been granted a special license to travel to the remote Rif Mountains region.

Her mission of mercy departs September 26, 2015 for five hard, gruelling, yet fulfilling days.
The destination: a remote village, Khizana, with 500 children and a high intake of honey, sweet mint tea, and no dental health service that contributes to extreme dental decay. The goal is to take as many children out of daily dental pain as is possible during the 2-days of clinic.

Then on to a second project in collaboration with to take a further 250 children out of daily dental pain.

Laura Watson is usually found helping treat patients in the comfortable practice called Greyholme Dental Suite, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham. Surrounded by modern day dental equipment, running water, and a fabulous support team. Everything she could ever need.

Laura said, This is the second year I have been over to morocco to help these poor children out of pain and I can tell you, nothing prepares you for the devastation that we saw when we were there. All of the children are amazing and I am proud to have met everyone of them ”

And Laura finances her own trip.

Cally Gedge, co-founder of the award winning Dental Mavericks charity, who organise the annual expedition said, “This is our fifth year and this Moroccan community now relies on UK dentists to rid them from the daily pain of decayed teeth. There is no free or easy access to dental care.”

Finally, Laura has a long-term goal too, and a simple one. To help fund a nurse who will visit the school weekly, educate children on tooth decay prevention, and bring in a dentist every month from the nearest town Chefchaouen, two and a half hours away, treating kids in pain.


Laura told us about her future plans, “I  have been part of the Dental Maverick’s Teeth for life program since its birth and I want to be part of it as it evolves” 

If you’d like to view pictures of the beautiful Moroccan children, and videos, make any donations, or sponsor the ‘Moroccan Kids Teeth for Life’ programme, please visit or

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