Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Are People With Straight Teeth Really Happier?

Well Thanks to Warren I have straight teeth and I feel very happy!

From hair and skin to clothes and shoes, our appearance is the the basis for snap judgements and first impressions.

Does that mean that we all need to go through years of train track braces? To make us get that job promotion or get the boy or girl of our dreams or just to help us feel happy.

Well NO because we are quite capable of making ourselves happy without all that, aren’t we, with a bit of personal development?

Personal development is great for the soul we can learn things about ourselves push ourselves further and further and jump on every opportunity taking ourselves to the highest heights.

We all know that if we really really want something we can go out and get it. But there are those of us that just lack that little bit of confidence because all we can see is our bad hair and OMG look at my yellow wonky teeth! And no matter how many times we look in the mirror and recite our affirmations “I Love myself” “I can be anything I want” we cannot get get rid of the gremlins, that say yeah but it would be much better if I could smile without covering my mouth.

I say why not invest in yourself and boost your confidence with a little bit of smile enhancement. When we smile with straight teeth apparently, according to an American study, we are 57% more likely to get a date based on our picture alone on a dating site. And 45% more likely to get a job when competing with someone with crooked teeth of the same skill set. I guess when we have confidence in our smile we smile more… Smiling more makes us look happy and more approachable. Being more approachable opens up doors for us and who know where they will lead to.

Plus when we smile it actually releases endorphins which is our happy hormone and who doesn’t want to be happier!

So how do we get a super smile?

Whilst we can relate to the beloved Ugly Betty in some way, if you are anything like me there is just no way you want to embark on years of train tracks. Although we can keep our spirits up with the fact the end result is going to make us happier a quicker easier pain free way is much more appealing isn’t it.

We can now work wonders with fastbraces and you can have a straight smile in about 6 months or less we can make these braces tooth coloured so nobody can see them and I know from personal experience that THEY ARE PAIN FREE.

When that is done you can whiten up your smile with our whitening for life program.

If you want to be more confident have more opportunities and be happier call us now and come in and see us for free to see what your options are.

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