Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What is it like Working in a place that scores Higher On Client Happiness Index Than First Direct!

Well I consider myself rather fortune to work for this place, we have worked hard at creating this environment for everyone to enjoy.  But what is it all about, well the happiness index comes from the Net Promoter Score which was developed in 2003 by Fred Reichheld. It measures the loyalty that exists between the provider and the consumer. It is routinely used by some of the biggest companies. Quite simply we survey all off our clients every time they come in so that we can measure how we are doing.
The Happiness score is only part of what we do to help create an environment where people want to be. You can probably tell why clients want to come and see us, I mean who wouldn’t want to see a Pain Free Dentist? But why do people want to work here? And no it’s not because we want free tooth whitening!!

Here is my personal account of why I love it here... (I must love it I have been here 18yrs!!)

Over the years at Greyholme we have battled with many setbacks and challenges.  For example, when we took the decision to end our affiliation with Denplan; then later on deciding to leave the NHS and go it alone; like when Warren broke the news he was going to be going to Manchester to study for his specialism which meant that he was only going to able to work at Greyholme for 3 days a week for a fair few years. I am not going to lie these times were tough and tested me in many ways. I was frustrated and drained for a while and we became stagnant. Warren and I have always worked very closely together and one day we realised we had to change the way we do things otherwise we were going to hit a downward spiral.

So what did we do?
We decided to inject some fun and let our personalities shine through, just because we are professionals doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way right! This was another tough decision because this is not for everyone and this type of change can cause some upset and unrest but we weathered it and ran with it.

What does all this actually mean?

It means we have created a culture based around our core values we make all our decisions based on these values. Because we have these values in place (they were created by the team as a whole by the way) everyone in the practice is able to make good decisions every day.
We have created an autocratic environment whereby there is an open forum for all team members to put forward and implement new ideas.

We have such a tight team that we support each other when times are tough and celebrate our wins together; there is no room for ego’s at Greyholme.

We play games every day, we find something to laugh about every day, we all completely share the vision for the practice and truly want to help and inspire our clients.

Warren is an advocate for continuous self improvement which means we are all privileged to be part of some fantastic resources to help us personally; we have seen some incredible speakers and met some fantastic people who really want to help and support us without agenda.

We are currently looking for new team members and I have been interviewing people that have said that we have a good reputation and they really want to be part of what we believe in, this is when it really hits home to me that we have managed to create something special.

So here we are today at Greyholme and it’s a happy place to be even on the tougher days. I am sat here working writing this and it doesn’t feel like work it is just part of me now...

Here’s too finding Happiness in whatever you do