Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Welcome Back Joanne!

This blog is chance for me and the rest of the team to say welcome back to Jo. She has just returned from Maternity leave. Warren and Jo had Ethan at the end of July last year. They now have two gorgeous boys.

Joanne is the most passionate hygienist I have ever met throughout my 16 years in the dental industry.

Jo has great results with all her patients. Her passion shines through every time she treats someone. She knows just how important the health of your mouth is in your overall health.

An amazing Dental Hygienist sets an awesome dental practice apart from other dental practices.

Looking after your teeth alone is not good enough; if your gums are unhealthy your teeth can become loose, so even the prettiest teeth can fall out.

Having unhealthy gums is linked to cardiac disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many other serious conditions.

So the next time you see your dental hygienist remember you are not just going for a quick clean up.

Jo spends a minimum of 20 minutes and an average of 30 minutes with each patient, taking measurements, doing risk assessments and picking up any problem areas before she even starts to clean your teeth.

Jo is a great mentor to our hygiene team and now she is back we can feel her passion running throughout the practice like a breath of fresh air.

It’s good to have you back Jo!

Leanne and the team x

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