Friday, 20 March 2015

Easter Is Coming…

And Easter just isn’t Easter without Chocolate!

Most of us enjoy a sweet treat and if you do it right it's ok!... Did you know that jelly, gummy sticky sweets are the worst kinds of sweets for your teeth. They have a much higher concentration of sugar than chocolate. 

The teeth that are designed for chewing are full of things we call pits and fissures, these are like Hills and Valleys in the surfaces of your teeth. These teeth are the hardest to clean because your tooth brush cannot get into all the nooks and crannies. 

So when we eat these chewy, sugary sweets we are essentially launching an assault on our teeth. They have no protection against the sugar that is going to fill up the Valleys.

Think about the first chew of a fruit pastille or a toffee we can feel our teeth sticking together and we have to get our fingers in there and pick it out as soon as possible. The sugar will stay there until you clean your teeth, your toothbrush cannot get right down into the depths of the Valleys to remove the sugar that is stuck within the sticky sweets.

If you sit at your desk with a packet of Tangfastics to keep you going throughout the day you are launching a constant attack, your teeth are like sitting ducks defenceless against the acid that is produced in your mouth every time sugar is introduced.

Chocolate has less sugar than the sweets I have been talking about.

Those who love chocolate know that it melts in your mouth giving your tongue a sense of smooth luxury.

Because chocolate dissolves quickly it has less time to increase the acidity levels In your mouth. The smooth melty nature of chocolate means it is easier to clean out of the Hills and Valleys.

Pretty much every time we eat the sugar in the food increases the acid in our mouths and plunges our teeth into the danger zone. Our defence mechanism is our own saliva it works by neutralising the acid. BUT it takes 30-40 minutes for this to work. So if you are continually munching on a bag of Haribo throughout the day your teeth really are in trouble. 

SO… In conclusion the best way of indulging in your sweet treats is to eat chocolate straight after eating your meal. This will give your teeth the best chance to recover.

You could upgrade you mouths armoury by having your teeth Fissure sealed by our hygiene team. Or you could have your teeth coated regularly with fluoride when you come in for your Dental Health Reviews. 

Both of these will help protect your teeth against the acid attacks.

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